About Engineering Management Applications, Inc.
Established in December 1991 in Maryland, U.S.A., EMA, Inc. provides specialized services and support in infrastructure asset management and sustainable development. The services include customized software development, system integration, nondestructive evaluation, innovative materials and methods, service-life economic analysis, modern remote sensing and geospatial technologies for transportation planning and design, corridor assessment, technological control, construction and maintenance management, air quality analysis and environmentally sustainable transportation solutions, and technology transfer. Several pavement nondestructive evaluation and maintenance management projects have been conducted on roads and airport assets. The geographical locations of EMA’s clients include: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Utah, and South Dakota in the United States, and abroad in Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, and Brazil.

EMA present at 2003 International Airport Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2003 International Airport Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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